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Nurses' appointments


A few extra kg’s

We all know what it’s like putting on those few extra pounds, especially as we get older – we feel lethargic, no energy and loss of fitness and generally don’t feel as bouncy as we once were.

Our get up and go has left the building!

Well, it’s the same for our pets, which is why we’ve introduced our dedicated nurses’ weight checks.

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In these 1:1 sessions with one of our experienced nurses, your pet will be weighed and measured, all of which will be noted in their own personal pet journal. 

This isn’t a time for us to lecture you on how you shouldn’t be doing this, that or the other, but to support you in ensuring your pet has the healthiest most balanced diet possible, so that they can live the life they love – chasing those balls, binking around their bunny run and for cats, really trying to catch that pesky little red shiny dot.

These sessions will be fifteen precious minutes dedicated to you and your pet with one of our nurses helping you in getting them back to their optimum weight goals – a bit like slimming world/weight watchers for us humans.

In time, when Covid19 permits, we are looking to hold open sessions where a group of owners and their pets can come together.  Weight checks will be done in a similar way, but we think the support and catching up with other pet owners (whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea) will help hugely. 

Keep your eyes out for these sessions hopefully later in 2021.

You can book a session online here, or call us on 01202 119988 and ask for a nurses’ appointment.

Other nurses’ appointments

Our qualified vet nurses are experienced in many number of areas and we are pleased to be able to offer their services in the following:

  • Post-operative examinations, including stitch removals
  • Blood screening tests
  • Cat blood pressure monitoring
  • Nail clipping
  • Minor de-matting of fur
  • Anal glands
  • Wormer administration
  • Puppy welcome chat and all over health check
    • prep for vet sessions
    • adolescent pup health check
    • on-going life-time dog health checks
  • Kitten welcome chat and all over health check
    • adolescent kitty health check
    • on-going life-time cat health checks
  • Rabbit welcome chat and all over health check
    • adolescent bunny health check
    • on-going life-time rabbit health checks


When booking your appointment, please ask for a nurses’ appointment.

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