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Health checks & preventative health care


The all important health checks

It goes without saying that you know your pets better than anyone, but sometimes your pets’ behaviour might be put down to ‘old age’, when in actual fact it could be that there’s an underlying problem.

Regular health checks will enable us to spot anything untoward quickly and prescribe the best course of action.

Prevention is better than cure.

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Our top reasons for encouraging regular health checks:

  • Some common, but serious, diseases have very subtle symptoms in the early stages, like heart disease, kidney disease, heart murmurs etc.  Early detection of these gives a better long term prognosis for your pets and in some cases can dramatically increase the life expectancy and quality of your pets’ life.  This gives us the opportunity to ensure that none of these nasties are going on, as well as checking for lumps and bumps.
  • Your pets’ dental health is one of the commonest, but quite often ignored, health issues.  Smelly breath isn’t always, just smelly breath!  It could be that your pet has inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), or rotting of the ligaments that hold the teeth in place (periodontitis).  For rabbits good dental health is even more important as it’s quite common for them to develop uneven wear on their back teeth and stop them from eating altogether.  We can check these for you.
  • We believe in preventative health treatments for all pets and during these appointments we can ensure that treatments match yours and your pets’ lifestyle.  Sometimes situations change and so it might be that one type of treatment no longer fits.
  • In order for us to prescribe medication on an on-going basis, we are legally obliged to carry out a clinical assessment of your pet every three to six months (depending on medication).  We would do this during a health check appointment, allowing us to authorise another six months of medication.
  • It’s a great opportunity to talk about any other worries you might have and for us to give reassurance if there’s something that’s been troubling you about your pets.  


It’s all about creating a partnership between you, your pets and us.

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