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First aid


Basic pet first aid

Having a basic knowledge of the type of first aid that can be given at home, or when you are out and about could be invaluable and even save your pet’s life.

The first thing to remember when administering first aid to your pet is to remain as calm as possible. Talk to them in your usual way and reassure them with plenty of gentle stroking.

Our pets are sensitive creatures and quickly pick up on how their owners are feeling.

It’s helpful to remember the following acronym … ‘Dr ABCs’

  • Danger – keep yourself and others around you safe
  • Response – check if your pet responds to their name or touch
  • Airway – check their airway is clear
  • Breathing – check they’re breathing
  • Circulation – check for a pulse or heartbeat
  • Seek – help/veterinary assistance as soon as possible

We have written a blog post outlining some basic pet first aid that we think is useful and you can read this below.

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