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Never losing sight

The right veterinary care isn’t just about treating your pet… it’s about looking after you too. It’s not just about up-to-date medical treatment… it’s about care. It’s not just about the latest appointment… it’s about being there for the journey. It’s not just about someone you see on the day… it’s about building a long-term relationship. It’s not just about treating the symptoms… it’s about solving the underlying problem.

The hallmark of great veterinary care is understanding what really matters and never losing sight of what you’re there to achieve.


Vetsmiths is an independent veterinary practice in Wimborne Minster, Dorset. We’re independent because it’s the only way we can meet your inevitably high standards of us.

You’ll always see the same vets and we’ll make sure you get the right amount of time with them. We deal with everything you need under one roof, supporting you with cutting-edge facilities to the smaller details that make all the difference.

We look after the lifelong health of your pets, caring for them but also for you too.

Vetsmiths – More than just vets.

Find out how we are reducing our employees’ carbon footprint and how you can help too.

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